VIDEO: Girl Forces Pervert To Eat Memory Card After Catching Him Filming Up Her Skirt

Man train eat memory card

That’s one way to destroy the evidence.

It’s always good when a woman catches and confronts a pervert for taking sneaky pictures of them on public transport. It’s gross and weird and they should be called out for their disgusting behaviour.

This woman from Nanjing, China, took it one step further and actually forced the guy to destroy the pictures…by eating them. After she caught him on the train taking photos from under her skirt using a camera hidden in a bag, she called him out loudly on the cabin and forced him to chow down on his memory card. And she filmed the whole thing, check it out:

He obviously followed through and ate the memory card so that she would stop shouting and save him the embarrassment, but it was already too late. Everyone on that train and now everyone who has seen this video knows what a disgusting pervert of a man he is.

Although he made a run for it after stepping off the train, reports state that he was later detained by the local police. It’s safe to say that his comeuppance was fully served.

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