VIDEO: Gang Members Forced To Fight Muay Thai Fighters For Causing Destruction During Songkran Festival

Muay Thai Fighters Beat Up Gang Members

Justice: Muay Thai style.

The Songkram festival is celebrated over in Buriram City, Thailand to celebrate the start of the New Year (although it’s celebrated in April for some reason). However, it’s notoriously disrupted by gang members who decide to fuck shit up and destroy it, for pretty much no reason other than to spoil everyone’s fun.

This year though, one Thai politician had had enough of them and decided that it was time to give the gang members an ultimatum – if any of them disrupted the festival this year and were caught, then they would be forced to go three rounds with a Muay Thai fighter in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators.

Of course, this only made the gang members even more eager to fuck shit up because if they got away with it then they would look like ultimate bad assess. Unfortunately for them, a bunch of them got caught and then got the absolute crap kicked out of them by Muay Thai fighters. Here’s a supercut of the action:

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