London Water Fight Turns Into Brutal Machete Attack On Young Boy (VIDEO)

Man stabbed machete london

Panic in the streets of London.

Yesterday saw the worst violent outbreak in London since the 2011 riots, after a water fight turned into an actual fight in light of the protests that have been occurring in the US.

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An impromptu water fight that went down yesterday in Hyde Park due to the scorching weather took a violent turn when a group of 4,000 young people gathered at parks around the city to stand up for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which has been prominent after two black men were shot dead in the US in recent weeks.

Obviously this is an important and significant cause to be standing up for – however, the protests turned sour as a police officer and two members of the public were stabbed, while another officer was bottled.

The harrowing clip below shows one youth being attacked in the middle of traffic in Park Lane. Reportedly, the person was being stabbed with a machete.

Brutal stuff. Apparently police have made no arrests as of yet, although Southwark police force have asked for anyone with information to get in touch ASAP.

Such a shame that the world has come to this – race wars in the street. This is 2016 for goodness sake. No innocent men should be getting shot while reaching for their wallet and no police officers should be attacked. Seriously, everyone should just chill the fuck out, stop being discriminative cunts to each other, roll a fatty and watch a film. Much better idea.


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