Dude Cries In Mugshot After Threatening To Stab A Girl Who Didn’t Want To Have Sex With Him

He’ll NEVER be able to live this down.

In a mug shot he will never, ever be able to live down, 19-year-old Anthony J. Zingale is pictured crying as he faces up to 40 years on first-degree sexual-assault charges.

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Late last month police were called to a house in Plymouth by someone claiming Anthony had attempted to rape a woman at a party, which was apparently also attended by Anthony’s mother. The fuck?

The victim claims that she was using the bathroom when Anthony burst in with a knife and his cock out.

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She said he pressed the knife to her neck and said he would cut her if she didn’t have sex with him. The woman told officers she was able to coax Zingale out of the bathroom by saying they should go to the bedroom, and then screamed for help, at which point others at the party came into the home.

Anthony had a different version of the story however:

In his version of the story, Zingale told officers he had to go to the bathroom badly, but was embarrassed because a girl was also in the bathroom. He said when he dropped his pants, the woman in the bathroom grabbed for a knife that he had brought into the restroom.

Anthony was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in addition to the sexual-assault charge.


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The part about his mum being at the party as well is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even begin to imagine how embarrassed she must feel. Just casually drinking her glass of wine with the other guests while her son’s in the toilet trying to fuck someone at knife-point. No mum deserves that level of humiliation.

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