Extensive Doctor’s Research Proves You Can Get Up The Duff From Anal Sex

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What a bummer.

Forget everything you know about butt sex (and the fact that it’s a failsafe method of contraception) because doctors have come out with a shockingly shit piece of information – apparently it IS possible to get preggers from doing it in the back entrance. Don’t fret though because the circumstances for this to happen are very unlikely.

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Director of the Institute of Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group in the US, Dr Brian Steixner, has said that if a woman suffers from a condition called cloacal malformation then she can get pregnant from anal. Here’s hoping that none of you guys suffer from this and if you do, wrap it up.

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This condition occurs by a birth defect where the rectum, vagina and urethra are all joined together. Normally a woman would get this sorted out but if the surgery goes kaput or isn’t effective then it is possible for the semen to reach her womb and get her pregnant.

OK, so this is obviously quite a niche situation, but it’s still a worrying thought right? Anal sex is meant to be totally safe with regards to babies – imagine coming back after a dirty night out, only to find that you’d got a girl up the duff because you had a bit of bum fun. Not good.

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