Watch This Compilation Of Conor McGregor’s Fight History In Preparation For His UFC Featherweight Title Match

Conor McGregor

He’s one hell of a fighter.

We’ve featured Conor McGregor on Sick Chirpse a few times before as he looks to be one of the next stars of UFC with his cocky attitude and uncompromising fighting style.

This new promo video chronicles his rise through the ranks of MMA and UFC with footage of all of his fights, really exemplifying what he can do in the ring and how much of a badass he is. It’s been released in preparation for his fight against Jose Aldo for the featherweight title at UFC 189 on July 11th.

We can’t wait for that one and the hype is already in overdrive after McGregor stole Aldo’s belt at a press conference in Dublin earlier in the month. Imagine what is going to go on between now and when they step in the octagon. .

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