Boxer Throws A Punch So Hard, His Opponent Vomits Blood (VIDEO)

Peden vomit blood

Pow, right in the kisser.

Juan Manuel Marquez is a hugely successful boxer, having conquered four weight divisions over a career of 64 professional fights. And as the clip below proves, it appears he has always had a talent for throwing the most ruthless punches.

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In the throwback footage, which has resurfaced online recently, Marquez demonstrated his talents during a fight with Australian boxer Robbie Peden back in 2002. As the match rages on, Marquez manages to throw a punch so hard, it literally leaves Peden vomiting up his own blood. Absolutely savage:

Following the blood spew incident, officials spotted the grisly sight and immediately called an end to the fight, awarding Marquez the win by TKO.

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