This Bodybuilder’s Secret To Crushing Life Is Making Himself Look Twice His Actual Age

Silver fox.

A fitness fanatic has revealed how he purposely makes himself look twice his age in order to keep up a social media following.

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Usually people do the exact opposite, but 35-year old Pawel Ladziak, from Warsaw, Poland, dies his hair regularly so it’s a shade of snowy white. He is often mistaken as a pensioner due to his striking look, with many people guessing that he’s in his sixties.

"It is wise to persuade people to do things and make them think it was their own idea." -Nelson Mandela- These are words that are almost sacred.

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Pawel, who works as a personal trainer, explained that he first dyed his hair white when it started turning grey years ago, as he wasn’t a fan of the salt and pepper look. He noticed that he only started to get a social media fan base once he showcased the new look and so decided to stick with it.

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Pawel now has over 339,000 followers on his Instagram account alone, so I guess the OAP look must be working for him.

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