These Are The Best Celebrity Lookalikes The UK Has To Offer

Pat Butcher featured

What a fine pool of talent.

If you’re in the business of celebrity lookalikes, surely you’d want your models to at least bear some sort of resemblance to the person they’re meant to be.

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Clearly the company ‘Splitting Images’ didn’t get the memo. Their lookalikes are so inaccurate, they’re basically brilliant. Pure. Comedy. Gold. Let’s take a look shall we?

Phil Mitchell (there’s a choice):

Phil 1 Phil 2

Craig David:

Craig David

Mario Balotelli:

Mario Balotelli

Harry Hill:

Harry Hill

Alan Partridge:

Alan Partridge

Gordon Ramsey:

Gordon Ramsey

Elton John:

Elton John

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Tony Blair:

Tony Blair



George Michael:

George Michael

Kate Moss:

Kate Moss

Ricky Gervais:

RIcky Gervais

Harry Potter:

Harry potter

Pat Butcher:

Pat Butcher

Comedy genius. It’s like bad waxworks all over again. Speaking of which


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