Bear Grylls’ Producer Suffers Sick Snake Bite (NSFW)

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Oh, Bear Grylls. It’s you again. Let me guess – something really frightening happened in the jungle and you’re lucky to have gotten out of there alive. What was it this time? What’s that? Your producer got bitten by a venomous snake?  Yeah right, I bet it was really scary. I bet you were all really brave. You and your TV crew are such tough bastards. Putting yourselves right in the thick of it for the sake of a TV show. Yeah mate, sounds really grisly. In fact I bet this alleged “snake bite” is nothing more than a nibb…. ARGHHHH OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!


As you can see, Bear Grylls’ producer Steve Rankin, has the mother of all snake bites going on there. The venom has eaten away his flesh, exposing the bones and tendons in his foot. Word is he’s going to be okay, but holy shit balls is that gruesome. Have a good day people, and let this be a lesson in not walking bare foot around snakes. Or walking around snakes at all.

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