Just when I thought Bear Grylls couldn’t shock me anymore, he goes and gives himself an enema out on a raft in the middle of the Pacific.


Bear Grylls is wild, like totally wild. Every time I watch his program he ends up eating shit or sleeping in some dead animal’s carcass. Bear Grylls is the head of the scouts, which I think he totally deserves as he was the youngest Briton to climb everest aged just 23.

So I thought I’d seen it all with Bear, I didn’t think there was anything the guy could do to shock me – turns out I was wrong. In this video of Man Vs Wild Bear Grylls is on a raft in the Pacific ocean (as you are). Bear Grylls has collected some water but obviously can’t drink it because it’s full of bird droppings, so what can he do with it to save himself?

Give himself an enema, of course.

The technique is apparently a way of staying hydrated, so I guess he’s just drinking the water through his arse? How the fvck is that different from drinking it through your mouth? You’re still taking in the bird shit only it’s now going to be mixed with your own shit before it hits your colon. Is there a method to this man’s madness?

Check the shot at 1.05 when he’s got his own ass water in his mouth, priceless!

Bear Grylls you carry on to amaze me each and every day. (Is it just me of does it sound like Ross Kemp provides the voice over at the end of the clip? If so, what a double team right there).


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