Watch This Brutal Bare Knuckle Boxing League Try To Make It To Prime Time

Bare Knuckle Boxing League

This is way tougher than UFC.

Dada 5000 is the godfather of backyard bare knuckle boxing and following the success of UFC, it’s his dream in life to create a prime time show for the sport. Unfortunately, considering it’s illegal in the United States and he’s currently running the promotion very shadily out of the ghetto in Miami, it might be a lot easier said than done.

Rolling Stone followed Dada 5000 around for this fascinating short documentary as he tries desperately to land a prime time deal for the promotion. Really interesting stuff, and if you think about how huge UFC has become over the past few years, then you can definitely believe that there would be a market for this stuff if they manage to get it off the ground. Here’s hoping – perhaps they could even get these two fatass juggalos into the cage to finish off their feud which began with an epic outdoor bare knuckle boxing match.

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