These Bacon Shot Glasses Are The Must Have BBQ Food Item of The Summer

Bacon Shot Glasses

Get wasted out of your bacon shot glass then eat it as a chaser.

You’re probably going to end up at a few BBQs this summer and they’re probably all going to have their unique quirks that each host will have employed in order to try and make it the best BBQ you attend all summer. But provided you’re not a vegetarian then all you need to do is bust out the bacon shot glasses and you’re guaranteed to win that honour.

The concept couldn’t be simpler – they’re just shot glasses made out of bacon that you eat after you’ve downed your shot – and thus couldn’t be easier to make either.

All you have to do is wrap a thin cut piece of bacon around a shot glass and then pin it in shape with a toothpick. Then whack it in the microwave until it’s brown and crispy then get ready pouring the sambuca or tequila or whatever into it. You’ll be the toast – and the bacon – of the town. Why not enjoy it with a bacon wrapped grilled cheese or some BBQ bacon sushi as well?

Here’s a couple of pictures of it in action and in the making of stage:

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Bacon Shot Glass 1

Bacon Shot Glass 2


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