Amy Schumer Has Been Stealing Other Comedian’s Jokes AGAIN

Amy Schumer


There’s literally so many words and so many ways to say something in a comedic fashion that I imagine it’s almost impossible that two comedians could come up with the same gag as part of their routines. And yet somehow Amy Schumer keeps doing it as part of her comedy specials.

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Last year a guy named Brandon Farley made a video comparing Schumer’s routines to those of other famous comedians and finding them virtually identical, and this year he’s done it again with regards to her new comedy special. This time, it’s Dave Chappelle and Dave Attell:

OK sure, both of those are slightly different jokes but the punchline is pretty much exactly the same. I’d probably also argue that neither of them are really that funny and I would question why Amy Schumer is copying them, but these guys are famous comedians and obviously know what they’re doing whereas I don’t, so we’ll leave that one there.

In any case, Schumer has definitely seen these jokes before – she even admitted watching Attell’s set in the video – so she’s obviously ripping them off. Not cool – get some of your own material.

For some real comedy, check out this clip to Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special. Not that long to go.


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