VIDEO: Six Flags New Jersey Has Built Zumanjaro – The World’s Tallest Drop Ride


No way are you catching me going on this, no way Jose.

Drop rides are always the scariest rides for me at theme parks, so much so that sometimes I don’t even go on them. I just hate the feeling of dread as you’re going up on them higher and higher and higher until eventually you get to the top and sit there for a while before plummeting to the Earth. I mean they’re not even that much fun, right?

I usually end up going on them though at the behest of my friends, but this one over at Six Flags New Jersey might be the end of that because it’s the tallest one in the world. It’s called Zumanjaro and racks up at a colossal 415 feet. It hasn’t opened yet and all we have to check it out on is this lame (ish) computer simulation but that’s more than enough to scare the shit out of me. No way.

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