Zoltan Torkos Nails First Ever Pulled Kickflip On A Surfboard

After four years of trying, Zoltan Torkos finally nailed it.

This is fvcking sick. Zoltan Torkos made history last week when he pulled off the kickflip on his surfboard – a trick that many said were impossible – in his hometown of Santa Cruz, California. . Everyone knows kickflips are common in skateboarding but the weight of the board and pushing off from the water makes it way more difficult in surfing, hence why some people thought it was impossible. Apparently Torkos had been training for four years to nail this trick, which sort of explains his elation in the video. Or perhaps it was the fact that he was set to receive a £6500 payout from Volcom for being the first person to land the trick. Most probably though, it was knowing that his name would forever live in the annals of history as the first ever person to kickflip a surfboard. Check it out below:

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