Zlatan Ibrahimovic Killed A 500 Pound Moose With His First Ever Shot Hunting

Zlatan Ibrahimvoic Kills Moose Featured

Typical Zlatan.

In a story that is sure to feature in his most memorable quotations sooner rather than later, it’s being reported that Zlatan Ibrahimvoic went hunting for the first time in his native Sweden over the football winter break with his first shot. Typical Zlatan.

Although there aren’t any other details of the hunting trip, it was front page news over in Sweden because Zlatan is obviously the only thing worth talking about over there. Although hunting is legal in Sweden, a few animal rights groups have been getting angry about how much publicity the story has been getting.

To be fair, I don’t think hunting is cool or good, but when it’s a classic Zlatan story like this I’ll let it slide. You can see two of the Swedish front pages below:

Zlatan Kills Moose 1

Zlatan Kills Moose 2


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