Watch Zak Maytum Break The Speed Limit Downhill Skating In Colorado

Zak Maytum Breaks Speed limit

He’s travelling over 70 mph in this video – prepare to have your face melted.

Downhill skating seems to be becoming more and more popular these days, as we seem to be featuring a video detailing it every other week these days, like this one of a beautiful downhill skate over in the mountains of Norway a couple of weeks ago.

This time, we’re over in Colorado where Zak Maytum is tackling one of the fastest downhill runs over in the States. In the video he reaches speeds of over 70 miles per hour and even touches the pavement and makes sparks fly out of his glove he’s going so fast. Mental.

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What makes it even more impressive is that the pavement he’s riding on is really rough, so if he hit a bump or screwed up on this run then he would absolutely know about it. It’s probably almost as dangerous as being hit by a car at 70mph, so massive props for that.

If you wanna see what that might look like, check out this downhill skater hitting the pavement hard after he falls off his board.


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