Zach Braff Wants To Make A Scrubs Reunion Happen


I can’t do this all on my own.

Scrubs was one of the most well loved shows of the 00s, sort of filling the void left by Friends in a more wacky/bizarre and at times super serious way that hasn’t really been imitated since the show ended in 2009/10.

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As with any successful show that was universally loved and ran for a whole bunch of series (8 to be exact, unless you count that awful ninth series that didn’t really have any of the original stars in), the question of a reunion series/episode is always coming up and it turns out that series star Zach Braff would be really interested in seeing it happen.

Braff was performing a Twitter Q & A when the subject came up again, and this was his reply (if you don’t want to watch the video, there’s a transcript below):

You never know, it’s something we all talk about.

I’m very jealous of all this Gilmore Girls attention, and Full House, so we talk about it every now and then.

So you never know. It could happen. I’d do it!

Well, although he isn’t exactly sounding super stoked about it there, he was at least enthusiastic and revealed that they’ve talked about it. I suppose that’s one piece of the puzzle down and it doesn’t really seem like anybody else who was involved in the series is actively doing too much, so it could happen you know.

Predictably, Scrubs fans went into an absolute meltdown at this news, so the clamour for a reunion is probably only going to be even greater now. Like I said, it could happen.

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