Zac Efron Tweets About Martin Luther King Day, Twitter Completely Destroys Him

When you don’t think before you Tweet.

Yesterday, on MLK day, Zac Efron was faced with a problem — he wanted to show his appreciation both for Martin Luther King Jr and for the fact he has 10 million followers on Instagram. So he did what anyone with a brain would do — he combined the two into one Tweet!

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Here’s how Twitter reacted:

That backlash might seem a bit harsh but let’s be real here — there’s no way Zac Efron is as grateful for Martin Luther King as he is for his 10 million followers on Instagram. I mean firstly he’s white (pretty much as white as it gets), and secondly MLK died before he was even born. 10 million Instagram followers though? That’s a fucking accomplishment right there. We haven’t even got 10 thousand followers (help us out there, cheers). Of course Zac Efron is grateful for his 10 million Instagram followers — he probably gets paid thousands of dollars every time he posts something.

As for the cry babies on Twitter, there’s like a million more important things to worry about than Zac Efron’s MLK day faux-pas. Haven’t you heard the world’s ending in 100 years? Read a book one time.


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