Turns Out You’ve Been Making Bacon Sandwiches Wrong All These Years

Bacon Sarnie

This is how it’s done.

You can’t beat a good bacon sandwich on a Saturday morning. It’s an absolute British breakfast staple.

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However, apparently we’ve been making them wrong all these years. Who knew? The problem with regular sarnies is that the bacon to bread ratio can be a little off and often you might take a bite, only to find that it’s just bread and ketchup.

In order to prevent this horrific incident from reoccurring, all you need to do is make a bacon weave.

Bacon Lattice

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It might sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy. If you’re really struggling, here’s a tutorial from YouTube channel Food & Wine:

Nom, nom, nom. Obviously the only issue here is that you have to use streaky instead of back bacon. But that’s a price I’m sure we’re all willing to pay if it means we get a nice, even bacon sarnie, am I right?

To make the whole process easier, you could even invest in one of these bacon toasters. Game changer.


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