A YouTuber Has Broken Into The ‘Love Island’ Villa

Good work.

‘Love Island’ returned to our screens last week and obviously the half of the nation that isn’t encapsulated by the football are going absolutely crazy watching it and wondering who is going to shag who and break each other’s hearts.

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I’m not really that interested in any of that, but it is kinda funny that a YouTuber named Omer Majid managed to break into the villa they all hang out in yesterday evening. Majid live streamed himself in the villa, showing himself in  a corridor underneath a pair of bright fluorescent lights before a voice shouted out that he was trespassing.

Bouncers then showed up to remove Majid from the vicinity. He was searched by the guards and then subsequently released with ITV announcing that they had stepped up security in the wake of the breach and also thoroughly cleaned any areas where Majid was present in order to stop the spreading of Coronavirus.

Here’s what Majid had to say about the incident:

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I planned it for a while. I literally flew here just to do that from the UK.

I found the area vicinity through internet searches.

Then I drove around for about five hours the day before scouting the location trying to find an entry.

It was really secure to be honest. They had people patrolling all the time and watch towers.

But then I found a possible way in via the trees and hills.

The next day I dressed in all black and went for it but my body has cuts from trying to get up there.

Then we [himself and his camera man] heard a noise and saw a flash light.

At this moment we got scared and stood still and I could just hear radios as they looked for us.

Luckily the security on the other side moved away as they spotted my camera man and told him to get out I than ran for the villa and called my friend so he could put me back on the live stream.

They put code red on which meant locking everybody up that was cast.

I recorded this all on my camera all the way from the start as well as live streaming.

Wow. How can he make something that’s potentially sorta dangerous and exciting so boring. It’s not like he even got any great footage or did anything that interesting once he had broken in. What a complete and utter bore. Hope nobody remembers his name and his ‘prank’ channel completely and utterly fails. Loser.

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