A YouTuber Has Accused Joe Rogan Of Being ‘Fake’ During Kanye West Interview After Trashing Him For Years

Has he got a point?

Joe Rogan can’t seem to keep himself out of the news at the moment, as everyone seems to be pissed off at him about one thing or another. I suppose that this is bound to happen when you’re one of the most successful podcasters in the world though.

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The latest controversy relates to Rogan’s recent interview with Kanye West with one YouTuber arguing that Rogan was fake during the episode because he had trashed Kanye so many times in the past on previous episodes that it didn’t make sense for him to act like that on this one. The guy was so annoyed about Rogan’s behaviour that he even made a video about all the times he had insulted Kanye to drive his point home.

Take a look at this and see if you agree:

Yeah, I’m not sure about this. On the one hand it’s easy for some geek to trawl through past episodes and come out with a few times where Rogan has said shit about Kanye over the years, but it doesn’t really take into account that his opinions on the man may have changed and developed over that time period as well which is undoubtedly a process that happens.

There’s also no way that if you’re interviewing someone that you’re just gonna straight up tell them that you think they’re mentally ill and even less chance if that person is the actual Kanye West, so there’s that to consider as well. I think if you’re a professional interviewer then you have to treat all your guests with respect so it’s not really that surprising that Joe Rogan changed his approach and was a bit ‘fake’ towards him because of this. No problems on my end about that.

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