Somebody Has Finally Actually Made Youth Hosteling With Chris Eubank

Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank

18 years after Alan Patridge cracked the iconic joke, it’s finally become a reality.

Last week, people were surprised when Chris Eubank admitted on Twitter that he has never understood why he constantly gets asked about youth hostelling. People were quick to inform him that it referred to the classic Alan Partridge scene 18 years ago where an increasingly erratic Alan pitches a number of bizarre TV shows to a BBC boss during a nervous breakdown. ‘Youth hostelling with Chris Eubank’ was one of these.

Upon reading these tweets, whoever does PR for Hostel World came up with the absolutely incredible idea of actually getting Chris Eubank in to film a trailer for the fictional show. The result is obviously really funny because Chris Eubank is one of the most ridiculous characters in the modern day public eye and he embraces the role with his usual vigour. It really is something to see something 18 years in the making become reality – kind of like when the first three Star Wars movies came out only not completely shit.

Now all they need to do is actually make a series about this because it would be absolute gold and probably make whoever made it about a billion pounds in profit. Please do it now – Chris Eubank seems down:

Up until recently, I had absolutely no idea why people used to mention hostels to me and smile. It was truly an unsolved mystery to me. Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank has now become a reality and finally, albeit a little embarrassed and ashamed, I’m in on the joke 18 years after Alan Partridge pitched it!

Make it happen – it’s definitely a better idea than remaking any of these iconic TV shows anyway, which is apparently underway already.

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