New Brazilian viral marketing campaign for condoms takes bad taste to the limit.

This is a pretty cool and funny idea on paper but pretty insane/grim/offensive in reality. Basically this condom company in Brazil called Olla condoms thought it would be a real good idea to create brand awareness and increase sales by randomly selecting young guys in Brazil and then sending them friend requests from their unborn children with names like Gustavo Guizo Jr. and William Silva Jr. Alongside these friend requests was the message ‘Avoid surprises like this one. Use Olla condoms’ and there was a link to the site on their wall.

Pretty creative huh? Yeah like I said it looks good on paper but I think if that happened to me I would freak the fvck out. I don’t want a friend request from Tim Williams Jr. First of all Tim Williams Jr. is a fvcking dumb name and second of all the whole thing is just freaking weird. Normally you get excited when someobody is trying to friend you on Facebook but imagine opening it up and seeing a picture of a baby?

First of all you would think it’s one of those weird people that has a picture of them as a baby and be instantly disappointed because nobody cool ever has their profile picture of them as a baby. But then you would be freaked out that the baby had the same name as you but just with a Jr at the end. Then you would probably click on it and see that it was really an advert for Olla condoms and probably think something like ‘ha they got me there, what jokers. Judging by this I’m sure there condoms are an efficient means of birth control. Not.’ Then you would probably never think about Olla condoms again and just buy Durex next time you’re going to have $ex because that’s what everyone does. Or if you’re still picking up freebies from the Brook Clinic just continue doing that. Or maybe just go bareback if you’re really wild.

Olla condoms were so stoked with their marketing campaign though that they made a video about it:

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