VIDEO: Your Brain On Marijuana

Your Brain On Marijuana

You probably haven’t ever thought about what’s actually happening in your brain when you’re high because you would go all para and maybe even whitey. This video explains it in a concise and cool way though. Just don’t watch it when you’re high.

Your Brain On Marijuana

When you’re puffing on a joint do you ever wonder what’s actually going on inside your brain and what the THC is doing to it? No, me neither, like me I’m sure you’re too busy eating Doritos and playing FIFA or trawling YouTube for the latest skits, or maybe digging some music videos. Nobody’s going to be thinking about what’s going on their brain when they’re high, that would just make you super para and you might even pull a whitey and nobody wants to do that right.

In case you think about this kind of stuff when you’re not high though, here’s a cool science video that actually explains in layman’s terms what is going on in your brain when you get high and why it happens and manages to do it all in about 2 minutes and be kinda funny about it as well. Notice I used the words ‘cool’ and ‘science’ in tandem together which isn’t something I usually do (I never cared for science at school, I was more into social sciences. Or bunking off school to go get stoned in this cool shed across the road on the university campus) which might illustrate how good this video actually is.

Check it out below, maybe not when you’re high though as I doubt you’ll be able to pay attention to it for two and a half minutes as it uses a couple of big words that might make you lose concentration. Or if you get to into it you might whitey, and nobody wants that to happen:

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