Here’s Why You Should Never Shoot Yourself In The Face With A Paintball Gun (NSFL)


I hope he’s got dental insurance.

Some people will do absolutely anything for internet fame and virality, and vloggers seem to be getting stupider and stupider in their pursuit of this.

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Case in point – the video below. It features some dude called John Bucci who seems to have literally no common sense and no regard for his well being.

In the video, he puts a paintball gun up to his face at pretty much point blank range and fires it. Needless to say the result isn’t pretty at all:

Man I couldn’t even watch that – I squealed myself when he actually fired it. What an absolute moron – what did he think was going to happen if he fired a paintball gun in his face from literally 1 centimetre away?

This guy definitely has a death wish – did you see a couple of months ago when he made a vest full of fireworks and lit it? No idea what he’s thinking really, but he’s probably going to die before he gets the YouTube hits he desires.


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