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Here’s a collection of photos of fails from people that literally had one job to do – and screwed it up beyond comprehension.

Normally, people who get given the responsibility of having one single, solitary job are probably the worst people that you can give this kind of responsibility too because even though they only have one easy thing to do they’ll still manage to screw it up massively.

There’s a reason that they’re only trusted with one job to do – that’s because they can’t be trusted to do anything at all, ever, because they’re complete and utter retards. It’s probably quicker to just take the responsibility yourself rather than giving it to them – it might take a little longer now but at least you won’t have to deal with the fallout of their spectacular fuckups.

This post is celebrating some of these screwups. All of the photos below should never have happened, but somehow they did. In fairness to the people enabling these images to exist though, marijuana was probably involved.

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