You Can Now Play Classic NES Games In 3D

3D NES Emulator

All your childhood favourites reimagined in 3D.

I’m sure that many people reading this will have grown up playing NES games that were very basic and unsaveable, so you basically had to sit there for about eight hours if you ever hoped to complete it. And also be damned good at it because if you died then that was it. But damn, it was a lot of fun back then and we didn’t really know any better so we just rolled with it.

Everyone gets nostalgic for those old games which is why there are so many emulators available online that let you play them, but the 3DNES project has turned this on its head by attempting to create 3D versions of all your favourite old NES games. They’re not strictly 3D, but there’s a lot more depth and positioning to the graphics rather than your standard 2D NES affair, and characters can go in front and behind of obstacles that they come across.

It’s pretty cool and a great way to kill an afternoon in any case. All of the classics are included like Dr Mario, Megaman, Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3 and Castlevania, so you’ll definitely have a blast playing it. Check out a clip of each of the games below:

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