You Can Now Buy A Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain


The perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, so if you’re stills struggling for presents why not buy someone what absolutely nobody in the world could claim to hate: a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain.

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Quite whether or not anyone would actually install this on their shower is another question entirely, but I don’t think that you could even question that they would completely lose it when they opened up the wrapping and found this inside. What an absolute treat on Christmas day – and is that Harambe with him on it as well? I don’t think it could actually be any more perfect, do you?

If you’re not into a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain – honestly can’t even think of a reason why this would be a possibility – then there’s also the chance to buy a couple Jeff Goldblum pillow cases to go with it as well. Imagining falling asleep next to doctor Ian Malcolm for the rest of your life:

goldblum-pillow-case-2  goldblum-pillow-case

There is a bit of bad news about this though. Unfortunately, they’re not going to be able to ship them out in time for Christmas, but you will get them for New Year’s apparently. I think that’s if you live in the US though so it’s probably even later over here, but hey at least you’ll get them eventually right. That’s the main thing.

If this hasn’t satisfied your cravings for ridiculous items with mot quite major league celebrities on them, then why not invest in the Steve Buscemi dress next to complete your collection. You know it makes sense.


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