Yeti Excitement – New Footage

Bigfoot Wldlife Photography Competition Edit

Is there not enough wonder in the world that we need to look for more species? FUCK OFF I WANT TO SEE A YETI!

Bigfoot Wldlife Photography Competition Edit

Look, I fvcking love the Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, whatever you want to call it. It probably isn’t real…. or is it? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. But I want it to be true, there have been sightings of hairy humanoids across the northern parts of the globe for centuries and they haven’t stopped. A lot of haters will be all like “Nah bitch, there are loads of peeps innit, we would have seen it by now innit blud?” No it fvcking isn’t ‘blud’, the world is massive, and as I just said people have seen it…. since forever. From Canada to Tibet to Mongolia… etc.

This post isn’t meant to be a rant, I’ve just had loads of coffee today and now I’m having a beer so my brain is being pulled in opposite directions, so watching yeti footage is getting me super pumped. The cryptozoologist community is getting jumped up big time by this new footage, see what you think.

It was taken in Provo Canyon, Utah a few weeks back. Initially it didn’t seem that great to me, but the guy’s that are filming it seem genuine in their reactions. They said that they thought they were watching a bear, then it stood up like a human. Watch the video and imagine it’s you that’s stood there watching it, I got goosebumps. Whether you’re convinced or not it’s pretty cool in a kind of Blair Witch way:

[yframe url=’′]

It’s had nearly six million hits in a few weeks so they’ve done something right. All the tech bods, pro and con, are getting to grips with analysing the footage. This video edit made me change my mind a bit. Maybe I wanted to have my mind changed… have a look see though. I got tingles in me waters:

[yframe url=’’]

A few weeks ago there were three seperate yeti sightings in a week according to the Siberian Times… something is afoot me thinks? Well, either way, here are some more or less believable shots to enjoy from an excellent and sceptical blog that collates Bigfoot “proof”:

Bigfoot Wldlife Photography Competition

Edward Bigfoot Truck Footage

Temagami Ontario Bigfoot

You with me? Well, who knows. Here’s some aerial footage of a forest. Tell me there isn’t room enough for a big hairy bugger or two to chill out in here.




[yframe url=’’]

For some less believable ‘unexplained’ photos click here.


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