Wyclef Jean Got Destroyed By Reddit In His Own AMA For Stealing $9Million Charity Money

Out of $16million he helped raise for Haiti, Wyclef Jean pocketed $9million of it, including paying himself $100,000 for a charity concert. People don’t forget.

As a celebrity doing a Reddit AMA, things can either go really well, or really, really badly.

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This time it probably wasn’t the greatest idea for Wyclef Jean to make himself open for questions on the forum. The people of Reddit were relentless, and rightly so, interrogating Wyclef about the time he stole $9million of charity money intended for Haiti. In the end, he logged off and went home with his tail between his legs.


Here’s how it played out:

Wyclef 1


Wyclef 2


Wyclef 3

Wyclef 4

Wyclef 5

R.I.P. Wyclef Jean. Although I guess being metaphorically dead with $9 million in the bank isn’t so bad. I can think of worse deaths. But still, fuck Wyclef.

This still jams though:

Meanwhile, Lil Jon’s Reddit AMA was a resounding success… kind of.


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