Today Is Wyclef Jean’s 43rd Birthday

wyclef jean

You’ll never guess how he’s celebrating. I’ll give you a clue: it involves speedos and motorbikes.

wyclef jean

Today is Wyclef Jean’s 43rd birthday. I don’t really know what Wyclef Jean has been doing for the past decade or so but the Fugees was pretty cool in the 90’s and that Gone Till November song was pretty catchy albeit kinda annoying and the song he did with The Rock was incredible so I’m still excited to hear any news that’s coming out about him. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing on my 43rd birthday but I doubt I’ll do what Wyclef Jean has done because I’m already fatter than he is now so I’ve probably got no hope of looking like him when he’s 43. Anyway, earlier this morning he posted the following tweet:

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wyclef jean tweet

Obviously, if you clicked on the picture link you got to see this picture of Wyclef Jean posing outside one of his mansions on his motorbike wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos and all oiled up looking like his good buddy The Rock’s body double. What else could you have possibly thought that picture link would be of? Maybe Wyclef Jean hanging out with his family opening presents? Or maybe Wyclef Jean eating a birthday cake? Or maybe Wyclef Jean partying it up in a club or something? Don’t be stupid the only way to celebrate your 43rd birthday if you’re Wyclef Jean is by having a semi naked photoshoot outside your mansion. Any other way is just retarded. Check out the pic below:

wyclef jean 43rd birthday motorcycle

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I guess I better hit the gym if I want to celebrate my 43rd in the same way that Wyclef is celebrating his. I also probably need to find a job that might pay me well enough so I can afford a motorcycle. To help celebrate Wyclef’s birthday, here’s those two songs I mentioned earlier, Gone Till November and the one he did with The Rock.

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