WWE Legend Sunny Is Making £250,000 A Year On OnlyFans 3 Months After Prison Release

Making serious bank.

If you were watching WWF/WWE in the mid- late 90s, you might remember Tammy Sytch AKA Sunny, who aided a lot of young wrestling fans through puberty and their first wanks before eventually quitting wrestling and doing some stuff in the adult film industry.

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She also had plenty of issues with the law – mainly DUIs and not following probation orders, and has been to jail multiple times. In fact she only completed her latest stint in prison 3 months ago, but seems to have immediately landed back on her feet thanks to a little thing called OnlyFans:

According to Ringside News, Sunny is set to earn £250,000 a year from her OnlyFans account – simply sharing raunchy content with horny blokes who subscribe to her channel. Here’s how Ringside broke it down:

Even if every subscriber Sunny has signed up for the lowest subscription plan of $134.96 per 1/2 a year, her Only Fans is racking in $215,396 a year.

If each of her subscribers is paying per month then she is making $287,184.24 a year.

That being said, her yearly number should fall somewhere between those two figures minus 20 per cent.

That’s from their article that was written when she had 798 fans. At the time of this blog? She had 2k fans:

That’s the power of horny, nostalgic wrestling fans I suppose. Doesn’t even matter that Sunny is 47 years old now – they just can’t get enough of the WWE Hall of Famer.

In any case, looks like OnlyFans is really blowing up with C-list celebrities, porn stars and Instagram girls who want to work for themselves and make some serious $$$ without outsourcing their ‘work’ elsewhere. Should the porn industry be worried?

Never forget:

For a look at Kerry Katona’s brand new OnlyFans account (seriously), click HERE. Everyone’s on it.



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