VIDEO: Wrestler Farts In Other Wrestler’s Face; Causes Him To Spew And Tap Out

Wrestler Farts In Wrestler's Face

How about this for a finishing move?

This isn’t WWE so it makes it even dumber, because you might legitimately expect that a WWE wrestler might have a finishing move called ‘Fart To The Face’ or something equally as ridiculous.

I don’t know the details of who’s fighting in this wrestling match but it’s clearly amateur and clearly a bit of a tight contest, which means that there’s only one way for the white dude to turn it around and that’s to fart in the black dude’s face.

Obviously you can’t actually see this (unfortunately you can’t even hear it) but it seems like he has done because the guy immediately pukes up everywhere and taps out, and then seems in a continual state of shock as he sits in a daze constantly muttering that ‘you farted in my face man, you farted in my face.’

It didn’t seem like he was in that much trouble beforehand either, so we have no option to believe him. Unless it’s a skilful blag, but it seems unrealistic that someone would make up something so stupid.

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