WrestleMania Will Officially Take Place Behind Closed Doors This Year

There was no other option.

Yesterday we showed you some footage of current WWE shows which are taking place behind closed doors and talked about how stupid the whole thing came across as, whilst also posing the question of just how weird/bad it would be if WrestleMania ended up taking place behind closed doors.

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Well, it’s taken less than 24 hours for that decision to be made and yes, the Grandaddy of them all will be taking place without the usual 70,000 people in attendance but instead with just essential personnel hanging out. Here’s what the official WWE statement had to say about it all:


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WrestleMania 36 Update

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Pretty much what we expected really I suppose. I mean there isn’t really any other option for the WWE is there, other than complete and utter cancellation that nobody really wants.

Guess we should be grateful that it’s even going ahead as there’s pretty much four months coming up without any sporting events in the calendar, but we all know it’s going to be so weird/bad without anyone in the crowd cheering on the wrestlers and going crazy. I hate Coronavirus.

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