Would Your Dad Go To Liam Neeson Extremes?


Would your dad go to Liam Neeson extremes to save you from your kidnappers? The reality is, you hope he will, but he won’t.


I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’ve seen Taken. I dunno anyone who hasn’t seen it, but if you haven’t actually watched the film then you 1) need to stop watching those shitty re-runs of Celebrity Big Brother or The Only Way Is Essex and make yourself a better person by watching the film, or 2) shout for help from that well you’re stuck in (someone’s bound to hear you sooner or later), or 3) count yourself lucky that you awoke from the coma. Liam Neeson‘s always been a bit of a dude, but in Taken he’s an absolute bro and watching him fvck people up in the film kinda makes you wanna be hard as fvck, too, so you can join him in his epic adventure of save the daughter, fvck the whole of humanity up. It’s a good film to watch after a shitty day.

But, have you ever thought about what your dad would do if he had a phonecall telling him that you had been ‘taken’? Would he pack his bags and search for you until he died of exhaustion or would he pay a squad of mercenaries a million pound each to hunt down your kidnappers? Or would he simply phone the cops and hope for the best? I dunno what mine would do, he’d more than likely go down the garden first to check on the veg and make sure the dog hasn’t shit on them again and then he’d probably call on all of his mates and hunt my kidnappers down in a blaze of glory.

Nah. He’d probably just sit back and wait until my kidnappers get bored of me and drop me off outside the house instead of shearing off my fingers or my bellend.

But, is this video a more true representation of what our dads would do? If yours has got sausage fingers and a Hitler comb-over, then yeah. Keep an eye out for the neighbour’s tools changing, it’s funny as fvck. Sit back, and waste some time while you wait for your drinking buddies to get ready.

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