Would You Eat a 2 Stone Sandwich?


2 stone sandwich weighs more than most babies. It’s a meat-fatty’s dream, but would you eat it?


Unless you’re allergic to TV, or are too busy watching re-runs of vintage Wrestlemania‘s, or you’re Amish, you’ve probably watched Man v. Food. The show is awesome. Basically, for all you losers out there who’ve never watched it, the show follows a guy (Adam Richman) around the best restaurants/cafes/diners/whatever in the States and he just eats the biggest fvcking meals he can find. The guy’s a hero. And he has one of the best jobs in the world. The show was/is really popular and to be honest, there’s not much more I can say about it, apart from if you’ve never watched it stop being such a cunt and click here to watch some of the episodes and be cool as fvck.

There’s a fourth season of it called Man v. Food Nation. It’s different from the others, as whereas before Richman would slobber over XXXXXL meals, this time he’s giving advice to people on how to make massive food. To celebrate the series, a chef called Tristan Welch makes a sandwich that’s 24 inches wide and 1.2 ft high. Made up of 1.4kg of ham; 2kg of salami, turkey and bacon; 1kg of sausages, 720 kg of chorizo and a tiny bit of salad, the thing weighs over 2 stone and although it does look as if it would taste decent, I couldn’t imagine eating it as the meat sweats must be close to what a crack addict in rehab shakes like and I don’t really want my cause of death to be: death by excessive meat intake. I’d want something much cooler on my death certificate. Like: death by chirpse.


What do you think? Would it be harder to eat than the burger with 1,050 bacon strips?

And also, would you shag her?

woman sandwich

Here’s a video of the thing being made. Don’t worry, it’s a timelapse video so you won’t be sat there gawking at the screen, bored, like when you are when you’re waiting for pornhub to load.

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