It’s Only January But This Is The Worst Tattoo Of 2016

Worst Tattoo 2016

It’s a full back tattoo of this guy licking a butt. No joke.

We’ve featured a lot of shit tattoos on the site over the years – check these out for example – but it’s usually a case of them just being completely crap and tattooed by people that have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

This one is different because it’s actually some ink from a highly skilled tattooist and looks absolutely great. The problem is what the tattoo is depicting and just why the hell this dude would want this tattoo on him for the rest of his life.

23-year-old Jack Woodman was featured on the TV show Bodyshockers, where people attempt to sway others who have their hearts set on getting extreme body modifications out of their decision. Jack wasn’t having it though, and went through with his tattoo: it’s a full back piece of him licking someone’s butt and throwing a peace sign. Take a look:

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Worst Tattoo 2016

Well yeah, I hope he enjoys walking around with that on his back for the rest of his life. So many beach days. At least he stays true to his convictions I guess.

And can still afford a nice pair of CKs after all that expensive tattooing, so he must be doing something right with his life I suppose? Or perhaps just spending mummy and daddy’s money? Speaking of which, here’s his mum’s reaction when she first saw the tattoo:

Worst Tattoo 2016 Mother Reaction

Lol. Yeah can’t really blame her for reacting like that can you? The question though is whether or not it’s as crappy as some of these tattoos we’ve featured in the past. I really don’t know.


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