This New ‘Stylish’ Haircut Has To Actually Be The Worst Haircut Of All Time

Have you got beef with your barber?

This week, a hairdressing app named Barbershapp posted a video of a model having her haircut and made out like it was the next big thing, calling it “quirky, stylish and smooth” and all the rest of it.

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It’s almost like 20 different people were trying to cut this girl’s hair at the same time, because the resulting bob looks pretty damn stupid:




Reaction online has ranged from:

I think I can safely speak on behalf of the nation by saying that this is most definitely NOT going to be a trend. I have no Other words.


It is a double cut, it looks great in shows but looks terrible on the average public doing their daily thing.

I’d say you’ve got beef with your hairdresser if you came out of the shop looking like that. Still, it’s not quite shocking enough to brand the worst haircut of all time – that would be pure grime that is the Mono-Dreadlock.


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