These Are Officially The UK’s Most Disgusting Student Houses


The mould has mould.

Going to university is one of the most significant times in a young adult’s life. It’s also one of the grimiest. There’s a strong juxtaposition of relentless partying with the desperate attempt to be a functioning adult, and often it can be hard to balance the two.

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One of the aspects of university life affected most by this tug-of-war is student digs. Finding a place that is within the price range often forces you into a ten-person house share or even worse… shitty halls. When you confine 5+ booze hounds who are only just learning how to load the dishwasher or work the washing machine to one house, shit gets pretty nasty. Speaking from experience, my first house at university used to get so fucked up that we’d have to load all of our dishes and cutlery into the bath tub and give it a scrub in there. No joke.

Still, compared to some of these places, my student residence was practically a show home. We’ve uncovered some of the grimiest, nastiest, vomit-inducing uni dwellings from around the country. Prepare to be disgusted:


The previous tenant didn’t say whether this was a house share or what, but either way they had to live in this shitehole for an entire year.

student-halls- student-halls-2 student-halls-1

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This flat, located in the Froggatt Apartments at Endcliffe Village, was proudly named ‘the most disgusting student flat in Britain’. That’s quite an achievement.

student-sheffield-4 student-sheffield-3 student-sheffield-2  student-sheffield-1

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Are the houses mouldy or the moulds are housey?

student-london-3 student-london-1

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These guys seem to have a thing about rubbish. Apparently the bin bags in the living room had built up so much that they had a family of maggots sharing the rent. Grimy.

student-newcastle-1 student-newcastle-2

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According to the poor girl who had to live in these halls, the entire place was so full of rubbish that even when they did clear the decks, it still smelled like bin.

student-leeds-2 student-leeds-1 student-leeds-3 student-leeds-4

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I’ll let the student from this place explain the situation:

There are various vegetable peelings around the floor and there are tea bags and chunks of butter stuck to the walls.

We’ve all been on a bin strike for weeks so have a lot of rubbish in the kitchen, and there are egg shells lying around.

Of course, no-one ever does their washing up so a number of us have taken to using our post as plates.

When my sister comes to visit she refuses to go in the kitchen – it is risky business to go in their without shoes on.

Even our fridges have mould growing in the bottom of them.

She almost sounds proud.

student-durham-2 student-durham-1

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Anyone who sleeps in a bed like that is definitely not getting laid.

student-liverpool-1 liverpool-2 liverpool-3

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Some of those places looked more like something from a Thai prison than a residing place for the country’s future community. If you started uni last month and you’re worried your home is on the way to getting as bad as one of these flats, you can do one of two things: move out ASAP and find yourself a shared house with at least one OCD person in it who will keep things in check OR you could just do the dishes. Whichever’s easiest for you.

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