Big Guy With The Longest, Slowest, Most Horrific Puke You Will Ever Witness (NSFL)

I’ve never seen this much puke in my life.

I reckon I’ve got a pretty strong stomach for NSFL content, but even I had to gag a little bit while watching this video and seeing this poor guy puke his guts out all over the place in public.

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The man at least makes some attempt at trying to hide it by putting his hand over his mouth, but clearly that’s not enough to stop the gallons of vomit exploding out of his mouth and running down his body. Gross:

Jesus H Christ – imagine the smell. I think I actually got a whiff through my laptop. You can see the anguish in his face as his stomach tenses up every time another chunk of vomit prepares itself for exit. No idea what he’d eaten/drank but whatever it was his body wanted it out of there ASAP.

Not much you can do in that situation but take all your clothes off and just walk home naked, which might have actually been a less horrific sight than the puking itself. Nasty.

Thought & prayers for this young onlooker as well – definitely scarred for life after that:

For more epic puking, check out this guy on the New York subway HERE. Wow.

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