Are These The Worst Neighbours Ever? You’ve Got To See It To Believe It…

Neighbours From Hell

You’ve Got To See It To Believe It…

Welcome to Huntington Beach, California – a place I always thought looked really nice and would be really fun to visit/live in. Turns out I was wrong, although these guys might just be an anomaly – at least I hope so for the sake of the population.

In this video, the fat guy on the scooter is screaming at his girlfriend and blocking her reversing her car out of the drive by sitting in front of it on his scooter. The girlfriend then comes out, pushes him out of the scooter after yelling back at him and then attempts to run him over on the way out.

Apparently this is a regular occurrence between the two. It makes you wonder why these two even bother staying together. Possibly even worse than the tenants from hell.


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