Worst Football Miss Ever

Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s not Chris Iwelumo’s clanger for Scotland. This is a new contender and I genuinely think it’s the worst miss I’ve EVER seen.

A while ago I said I was going to start a regular feature on Sick Chirpse called miss of the week, where I highlighted my favourite miss from the last week of football. Like so many of my best intentions though, I never bothered to follow it up and turn it into a regular features. However, in my defence I did say it would be a ‘semi-regular feature’ and this can probably be described as a semi-regular kind of time period between the two posts. Although this post has a different name and isn’t technically part of the ‘miss of the week’ series anyway. I’m not sure where I’m going with this so I’m just going to cut to the chase: this is probably THE WORST MISS I HAVE EVER SEEN.

As I’m pretty much the stereotypical lad talking about football, I’ve seen a bunch of great misses. Kanu, Chris Iwelumo, that Ecuadorian dude in the miss of the week I actually did, but this one actually takes it. It’s just so ridiculous. As I say so many times, I can’t really describe it to you without ruining it, but it is 100% THE WORST MISS I HAVE EVER SEEN. You have got to check it out. Granted, apparently it’s from a Brazilian conference team and not even a professional standard but the first touch is actually pretty sick and then…..there just aren’t any excuses really. You’ll see what I mean.

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Apparently the player is called Macaca, but there’s no information yet about the league/division/game that this monumental miss occurred it. Actually, having done a bit more research on this another site claims that the player’s name is Anderson Fredrick and that this took place in a lower league Veneuzelan game. That would probably make more sense. Do you know the real identity of this player and where the game took place? Any info? Feel free to share.


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