VIDEO: Worst Ever Round Of Family Feud (Family Fortunes)

Worst Family Feud Ever

Imagine if you fucked something as easy as this up so badly.

Family Feud is the American version of Family Fortunes and to be honest it sounds way better than Family Fortunes already. If you know anything about the game then you know that you get allocated a category then have to figure out the most popular result in said category, which isn’t really the basis for a quiz show but somehow it’s run for about twenty years in a bunch of different countries. Crazy.

Anyway, at the end a couple of members of the family get another category and get to pick five things that might be in said category and have to get like 500 of them to win between them or something. This dumbass from the Sass family in Southern California completely fucked it up though as she only needed 18 points from these five answers but failed to get even that.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the equivalent of not being able to answer an £100 question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire i.e. fucking pathetic. The undeniable stupidity of the situation is exemplified by the fact that she said a married couple would be ‘deeply in marriage’ What??!

According to Anna Sass though, they still laugh about the experience. Yeah right – maybe to her face but you know that her whole family thinks she’s the dumbest person ever and completely resent her for throwing away 20 big ones. Especially her dad, who set her up magnificently with a score of 182 and looks so pleased with himself. It’s crazy seeing his feelings of joy turn to absolute despair in the space of about thirty seconds. Enjoy.

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