25 Of The Worst Christmas Jumpers Ever

Seth Coen Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers very rarely work, but here are 25 of the worst examples of them ever.

Christmas jumpers were always kind of on the verge of geek chic, but then the O.C. and Seth Coen and Christmukkah came out and suddenly everyone you know was wearing one in a faux ironic kind of way and it sucked, because Christmas jumpers on the whole are almost universally terrible. I don’t even like jumpers at the best of times, so for me they’re even worse.

Still, there are some out there that can come close to being acceptable. Unfortunately, none of the ones featured in this article fall under that category, but amazingly almost all of them are actually available. Check out Amazon if you’re interested in any of them.

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8 Bit Santa Christmas Jumper

Optimus Prime Christmas Jumper

Classic Santa Christmas Jumper

Ya FIlthy Animal Christmas Jumper

Flashing Rudolph Nose Christmas Jumper

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