World’s Worst Pretend DJ Ever

Fake DJ

If you’re going to perform on a T.V. show as a pretend DJ then at least make sure your decks have power cables.

Fake DJ

You know sometimes when artists have to perform on T.V. shows or even when they’re performing in person they have this habit of miming along to a sound track? Well that shit goes down, and there’s nothing you can do about it because that’s just the way it is. But you know when DJs ‘pretend’ to play it’s even more fvcking annoying because realistically all they’re going to do is be there for one song so why the fvck does the T.V. company even feel the need for them to be there? They should just let the singers pretend to sing and not cause anymore embarrassment by having some chump pretending to scratch up there too.

Well some shitty T.V. show from somewhere foreign has taken the benchmark for ‘world’s shittest pretend DJ’ up to a whole new motherfuckin’ level. This dude should be on the streets of Manchester selling cocaine, not pretending to DJ behind some ugly girl who can’t even sing. For a start, WHERE ARE YOUR CABLES?! There is no power, there are no phonos, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT. Also, the only words I can make out from the song are ‘DJ, DJ, DJ’, so I presume the song’s actually focusing on the DJ? Unbelievable. Check out the way this girl cuts her own voice live too, absolutely incredible. Fuckwits.

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