The World’s Steepest Dive Coaster Is Opening Next Year In San Antonio, Texas

Oh boy.

Can’t remember the last time that I went to a theme park thanks to COVID-19, but it’s good to know that the people behind the scenes have been building innovative new rollercoasters when I finally make my return one day.

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I’m not sure if I’m going to be making it over to Six Flags Fiesta Texas any time soon, but this new rollercoaster that’s being marketed at the steepest in the world has definitely got me thinking about it. Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger (maybe needs to come up with a better marketing campaign there, who the hell is Dr. Diabolical?) is made up of three 21-passenger trains that lift riders 150 feet in the air, then lock them in a face-first Cliffhanger hold before dropping them down a 95-degree, beyond-vertical plummet at 60 mph. Riders then travels on 2,501 feet of track through an Immelmann inversion, a 270-degree zero-g roll, a 75-foot near-vertical drop, a wild-banked turn, an extreme airtime hill, and a high-speed spiral finale.

Sounds pretty wild right, but why not just experience it yourself with a few of the pictures below and a virtual ride along:

OK so that essentially looks like a cross between Oblivion at Alton Towers and the Saw ride at Thorpe Park but much longer than both of them put together and way faster and possibly steeper as well, so it’s definitely got my vote yeah. Just gotta make it over to Texas now at some point. Not until next year though because it won’t be finished until then, so I guess it gives me some time to save. Maybe they’ll have changed the name by then as well?

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