Over 6000 times the size of a regular pool!

The San Alfonso Del Mar swimming pool at Algarobbo, Chile is officially recognised as the largest swimming pool in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. It was opened in late 2006 and officially measures roughly 1000m in length, is 35m deep at its deepest point and covers over 20 acres. It’s the same size as 6000 regular swimming pools.

The impressive pool took over five years to build and cost around $4 billion US dollars to build and costs roughly $1billion in maintenance a year. BILLION. That’s not a typo (i know the M and the B key are kinda close on the keyboard). It does look pretty sweet though, so it’s probably worth it. the turquoise water is apparently so clear that you can see the floor of the pool clearly, even at its deepest point. I’m not sure what the point of making it 35m deep is, as nobody could really swim down that far. I guess you can probably go scuba diving in it or something.

The 66 million gallons of water required to fill the pool is provided by the generous Pacific Ocean it is situated right next to. The high tech filtration system pumps water in, cleans it, cycles it through the pool and then returns it to the ocean in an environmentally friendly way, which arguably benefits everyone involved.

Unfortunately, this also means that the water in the pool is saltwater and not fresh water – which is kind of gross if you actually want to go swimming in it.


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