Instead of making boring ass announcements on your flight, this flight attendant beatboxes and raps them.

This is an old video but it’s still pretty awesome today. Imagine you’re getting on a plane. You’re sitting in your seat, reading your book or listening to you iPod or whatever before takeoff. The flight attendant asks you to listen to the safety announcement and whatever else they spout on about at the start of the plane journey. You don’t bother listening and just continue reading your book or listening to your iPod right?

Now imagine that instead of saying all that crap, the flight attendant starts beatboxing. Then gets everyone on the plane to make a beat along with him. You’re probably gonna join in right? And you’re probably gonna applaud him after he does a freestyle rap containing allt hat boring information over the beat that you are making with all the other passengers, because that’s real cool right?

Well you don’t need to imagine any of that anymore, because somebody actually did it. The World’s Coolest Flight Attendant:

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